At Mack Yacht Services, carpentry and varnish are just one integral part of our world class service. We take pride in everything we do, so rest assured, the job will be done right. Our “Teak Team” consists of the best in house and contracted artisans with decades of experience. Whether it’s the mahogany seats of an antique Boston Whaler or the cherry interior of a classic Formosa, our crew delivers quality and beauty in every project we undertake.

Mack Yacht Services routinely fabricates new composite structural wood products like floor members, bulkheads, covering boards, cap rails and trim to repair the years or wear and tear endured by your boat. Picking the right combination of materials is as imperative as the preparation and execution of the fabrication. At MYS, we hand select the materials for each project assuring a good match. Combine that with the best practices like using premium epoxies, stains and high-quality fasteners and that’s where our experience and pride in our work shine through. Matching the fit and finish of the surrounding materials, so no one ever knows you were there; that is the signature of quality and craftsmanship you will find at MYS.

Not only is the finish beautiful to look at but it is protecting that costly investment lying below. Teak needs attention, lots of attention! If neglected, repairs can cost in the ten’s to hundred’s of thousands of dollars. Unprotected Teak on the exterior of your boat dries out and cracks with age from UV exposure, salt and cleaning products. After that, leaks form and the real structural downward spiral of your boat begins. On the interior, years of wear and tear and moisture can wreak havoc on flooring, handrails, and every other wood item in the boat. At Mack Yacht Services, we can match just about every shade of stain and wood grain out there. We also have a proprietary process and blend of interior and exterior finishes for your woodwork to keep it looking great for years to come. Other details like removing hardware such as stanchions and rub rail seem inconsequential at first but in doing so, we create a far superior bond to the wood as the varnish can be applied in one continuous layer. This step provides the opportunity to level the woodwork as well as installing new bedding compound and fasteners. It is shocking how many screws we discovered that are corroded or broken in the boats we work on every day. It may not seem to be a big deal at first but, imagine your underway, leaning on a stanchion while you are offshore, and the fasteners give way! That lifeline may no longer be able to save your life.

Maintenance is imperative and preventative maintenance is great but what if the previous owners did not love and care for your boat as much as you do? Where do you begin? Call us and let us do the dirty work. Make yachting more fun and keep America working! Repairs often seem easy to the untrained eye, but after 30 plus years in the industry, our team has seen it’s fair share of misguided enthusiasm and failed attempts. With a good materials foundation and a quality application of finish from MYS, your yearly maintenance will be far easier and less costly to maintain. Click on the link below to see our video and gallery on yacht refinishing and thank you for considering Mack Yacht Services.

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