Detail Services

The devil is in the details. At Mack Yacht Services we work hard every day to make sure those details are taken care of properly.

Cleaning and maintaining your boat properly isn’t just about looking good, it’s about protecting your investment. Maintaining your boat’s finish and metalwork means it last longer. In the end, year to year is far less expensive and less frustrating than replacing it. Lots of other companies claim to do great work but at MYS, we do!

Exterior details include taking the extra steps for a great finish. Simple things like gently wet sanding the oxidation from the gel coat before compound and wax is the difference between a 3 month and a 12-month detail. Premium products make the difference too. Super Stainless (Tm) is a great product we use to get into the tight spaces around stanchions, cleats, hausers, and fasteners where others would normally pass by. Beyond the surface; our detail crew is known for the extra touches like cleaning the scuppers, inside and around hatch compartments, up underneath the combing and flybridge compartments.

For the interior, our crew does a fantastic job of cleaning the entire boat. We clean beyond the surface including behind the cubbies, below the floorboards, window gaskets, and frames as well as polishing of the stainless and brass fixtures as desired. Ozone treatments, carpet and upholstery cleaning are available as well to keep your boat looking great and smelling great too.

At MYS were not in for the quick fix. Our detail crew works smart and hard for an end result you will be proud of. It might cost a little more than the next guy but just ask one of our detail clients about their experience. In the age of social media and internet, referrals mean more and more each day. We want you back year after year looking great and telling all your friends about the fantastic job we did too. That’s the Mack Yacht Services advantage.